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Brotherhood Caravan

The civil war in Syria has resulted in the loss of hundreds of thousands lives and inflicted lasting wounds on millions of people. This war, causing the greatest devastation witnessed recent years in the history of humanity, continues to damage the balances in the region with each passing year. The affected people in this area struggle to survive in places that can be considered as safe, away from the sounds of bombs.

Brotherhood Caravan

Haci Hasan Efendi (KS) Mosque

 “Allah’ın mescitlerini ancak Allah’a ve âhiret gününe inanan, namazı dosdoğru kılan, zekâtı veren ve sadece Allah’tan korkan kimseler gerçek mânada îmâr edebilir. Doğru yola ermiş olmaları umulanlar işte bunlardır .”                                                TEVBE / 18

Haci Hasan Efendi (KS) Mosque

Reuben Hellear

  The world, which is getting drier day by day due to the inadequacy of groundwater and globalization, cannot adequately meet the water needs of its increasing population. About one-fifth of the world's population is deprived of clean water, even worse, it is unhealthy and unhygienic, consumed by one out of every two people.

Reuben Hellear


Zakat, which is one of the 5 pillars of Islam, made obligatory in the second year of the Hijra, helped spread the culture of infaq, dynamite the feeling of cooperation and solidarity, and helped overcome social inequality. In order to be a Verenel to oppressed geographies all over the world, we started our project "May Our Brotherhood Be Blessed with Intelligence".


Orphan of the Ummah Entrusted to You

Among the realized projects; Purchase of household goods for orphan familiesCovering the renovation costs of orphanagesVocational training for orphan families with vocational coursesOpening a shop for orphan families, purchasing fishing boats, sewing machines or animals that they can raiseHealth screeningsMarriage of orphans whose financial situation is not goodAddressing stationery and book needsThere are hundreds of activities such as organizing entertainment programs such as picnics and kite festivals.

Orphan of the Ummah Entrusted to You

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Statistics show that about 10% of the world's population, or 750 million people, are disabled and need wheelchairs.


Become a volunteer for a better life and future

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As Verenel Association, we are here to share our field work and projects with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We answered the questions you asked. You can also send us your questions.

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When was the Verenel Association established, what is its purpose?

Verenel Aid and Solidarity Association; in any part of the world, regardless of region, religion, language, race or sect, who have been in trouble, suffered disaster, persecuted, starved or exposed to poverty.

have been victimized, injured or crippled due to reasons such as war, natural disasters; Since 2008, it has been operating in the country with 72 branches and representative offices in order to deliver humanitarian aid to homeless and homeless people.

Is the Verenel Association reliable?

Our Verenel Aid and Solidarity Association has not been involved in any conflicting project since the day it was founded,

He explained the situation of the region with all his transparency in every project he carried out at home and abroad,

Feedback was provided to the donor for each aid made, and images and videos of each aid organization were shared with our donors.

In addition, the activities and financial movements of our association are supervised by the Provincial Associations Directorates.


How can you get information about your work?

You can see and examine all the works done within the body of our association and get information from the relevant units.

You can have information on many subjects such as where and how donations are evaluated, how the internal audits of our projects are carried out, the criteria applied while making donations and our working principles.

In addition, all the activities of our association are announced to the public in our annual activity bulletin.

Again, our reports prepared at the end of the campaigns are delivered to all of our bookmakers and volunteers, as well as official and civil related organizations.

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